If a Cat's tongue sticks out all the time, does it mean something?

January 8, 2019

Photo by: Greg Carpenter


I have always wondered different things about pets. 

The way their ears lay, does that mean something?  Does the way a pet wags its tail tell a story? 

The most recent question I have is if a cat’s tongue is always sticking out, does that mean something with regard to its health?

Well, I “Googled” this.  And, I found out that maybe it does correlate with a health issue.  The site I landed on said the cat could suffer from periodontal disease.

Now, I have to keep ‘Googling.’ 

Other sites say there’s nothing to worry about.  It’s normal.

Of course, I ‘Google’ more. 

Some sites say that the cat’s tongue sticks out because of missing teeth.

Another says a cat may have tasted something unpleasant.

As I’m going from site to site, I realize that the internet is not my friend.  You can find whatever answer you want to find.  As time goes on, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that if a cat’s tongue sticks out, it means you’re going to get a windfall of money.

After an hour of scouring the internet, I realize maybe I should just go to the vet and see if there’s really an issue.