Is it too soon to decorate the house and yard?

November 27, 2018

Photo by: Greg Carpenter


Man, have I taken some heat. 

It was a rainy Thanksgiving weekend (go figure…it’s always raining) and we were bored.  So, I said, ‘kids, let’s decorate for Christmas.’

My daughter, Reese, was all over it.  We got the boxes down from the attic, sorted through everything, and ‘Norman Rockwelled’ up the place.  (Yes, I just used a pronoun as a verb.)

It looks great.  All the decorations are on display, except the tree. 

I shared with some friends that I decorated.  I thought I’d get reactions like ‘it looks great’ or ‘so festive.’

Instead, the reactions were ‘seriously?’ and ‘dude, way too soon.’

Is it?

I thought Thanksgiving was the unofficial start to the season.

My thoughts were confirmed when, on that same weekend, I saw trees on top of SUV’s and some outdoor light displays going up. 

I’m good, I thought.

However, the grief and mocking continued from some friends.

So, I ask you, when is the perfect time to decorate?  When do you decorate?

Maybe I should keep the Valentine’s stuff in the attic for a little longer…