Greg studies your busy life and knows why you need a Disney Cruise.

October 23, 2018

Photo: Greg Carpenter


There are so many reasons to take a Disney cruise.  Let’s think about all the reasons.

--Work is crazy.

--You’re “up to your eyeballs” with soccer, lacrosse, and travel sports.

--You have to help/do your kid’s homework every day.

--Your spouse.

--Work is crazy.

--The yard looks like the Amazon region.

--Your spouse, again.

--The shutter fell off your house.

--You have to power wash the patio and driveway.  Oh, and the side of your house is green.  Hit that too.

--You’ve spend hours at emergency care with the kids because of weird growths, splinters, and stuffy noses.

--It’s raining and you hear dripping in the attic.

--When going to work, you realize turtles and slugs move faster than the beltway.

--Drive thru lines….hello...they are supposed to be quicker than going in.

--Seriously, can someone else rake the leaves.  They were done just two days ago and they are all over the yard again!

--These……jeans……fit……last week!  Ugh!

Now, we’ve done a ton of analysis at  Today’s 101.9 and the REAL reason you need a cruise is...


You deserve it.  Give yourself a break and make sure you win at 7:30am and 5:30pm with the “College of Knowledge” and the “COK Extra Credit.”

See Ya on the cruise!