15 Reasons Why People Might Find You Annoying On Facebook

July 11, 2019

ipopba getty

Do you spend a lot of time on Facebook?  Do you find your self getting annoyed by a lot of your Facebook friends?

40% of people say that the most annoying type of person on their feed is someone that posts too much PDA. Keep it to yourself!

Check yourself. Here are the top  reasons you might be the most annoying person on Facebook.

Selfies! A little of you goes along way. Don't over-do.

Do you make your life seem better than it actually is? Stop that!

Too much of your love life!

Stop clogging up the feed with posts about yourself!.  We get it, your life is great!

Too many hashtags! #Itsnotnecessary

Opinions/politics. We get enough of that on TV

Stop trying to be cool! That is VERY uncool.