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Are You Doing a Friendsgiving?

November 15, 2019

Are you doing a "Friendsgiving?" A big potluck where everyone brings their favorite  Thanksgiving creation and as the host, you get to show off your Christmas decorating skills. 

Always a gppd idea is to go with a football theme/  Center your meal around your favorite teams' game day or for a bonus grab your best buds along with food and drinks and go outside for a backyard football game. 

If you don’t have athletic friends then maybe a movie marathon is more appropriate, bring some binge-watching treats and gather around the television. 

Have a pumpkin painting party. Bring out the creativity in your clan by painting pumpkins with a word or phrase that describes what you’re thankful for. 

Finally, instead of dinner or lunch have a Friendsgiving brunch! Add a round of Thanksgiving bingo and mimosas, it’s sure to make for a happy Friendsgiving. Tell