Be Kind To Your Pets With The Polar Vortex

January 30, 2019

   Here it comes! Our old friend the Polar Vortex!  With below-zero temperatures and wind chills around Maryland, it's important that we not just keep ourselves warm, but our pets too.

  Animal experts tell us that pets need to stay indoors and should only go outside for the minimum time necessary to take care of their 'business'.  Don't leave your pet alone in the car, either.

  Remember that just like with humans, pets will begin to shiver if they're too cold.

  I am not a big fan of the doggy sweater, but it’s a good idea the next few days. 

 As far as cats go they tend to seek out cars for some place to stay warm.  So, bang on your hood before you start your engine.

 Do your pets like to wear clothes?

Stay warm, Baltimore!