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Ever Totally Forget Where You Parked Your Car

September 30, 2019

When I came back from our Jamaica broadcast a few weeks ago, I took the bus over to the garage and when I went to my car it was gone....or so I thought.  I had just forgotten where I parked.  I walked around forever until someone helped me find it. Yes. I forgot to take a picture of the garage level!  However it could have been worse!

Take the case of  Connor Spear should have set a pin on his  phone or at least took a photo of where he parked, because he can't remember and a week later he still hasn't located his car. 

Thinking he'd do the cool thing for his friends, the 19-year-old offered to drive them to a music festival 100-miles from their home. But with the lots full, they found a spot in a residential neighborhood, opting to grab a 10-minute taxi ride to the show.

Connor's mom isn't too thrilled, saying she's "devastated and annoyed that he's been so irresponsible."

The pair spent eight hours over the weekend searching for the vehicle to no avail.

Ever forget where you parked your car? How did you eventually locate it? Are you still looking?