Jimi Roberts

The Bald Eagles Are Back At The Conowingo Dam

November 25, 2019

There is something very special very near us. Take a drive up to the Conowingo Dam and check out the Bald Eagle migration. 

Each year, there are hundreds of Bald Eagles migrating from the colder northern climate and  they gather at the Conowingo Dam. The Susquehanna is packed with big fish that are stunned by the dam and the eagles come in numbers  200+ for some easy pickings.  There is a permanent population of eagles but around November 1st they make their way to Harford county. One of my "eagle eyed" friends counted over 150 Saturday.

You will be shoulder to shoulder with photographers from around the world, but there is plenty of room for all.  If you want to catch shots of eagles fishing and fighting over fish you will need a big lens, but they frequently sit on near by trees to eat and make for easy photos.

I was one of those photographer on Saturday and while my "in flight" game is not that strong yet I did get some birds in tree that I am happy with.

Thanks for looking.