Baltimore Smells Like Bread And Spices

September 24, 2018


What is That Smell?!

Not the question a Chamber of Commerce typically wants to hear about its city, but in Baltimore’s case, there’s no shame in the answer: Freshly baked bread! Expedia included Baltimore in its list of “10 of America’s Smelliest Cities” because of the appetizing aromas wafting from the H&S Bakery and the Schmidt Baking Company in downtown Baltimore. The two bakeries have been keeping the Baltimore region in bread and rolls for generations.

I can’t deny, the scent of flour, sugar and yeast in the oven is a little slice of heaven in the city, but if you venture north, Baltimore County has its own aromatic claim-to-fame:  McCormick & Company in Hunt Valley. One day it may be cinnamon, the next day oregano, but you can always tell what they’re doing at the spice manufacturer by the aroma in the air.