Presidents Day Is February 17

February 14, 2020
Presidents Day

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Monday, February 17 is Presidents Day-- a federal holiday!  It goes back quite a bit, albeit it with a different name.  The date was established in 1885 in recognition of George Washington, whose birthday was February 22.  And, Abramham Lincoln's birthday was also that month, on February 12.   Pull out any old calendar (and some new ones) and you'll still see both dates listed.

The  Uniform Monday Holiday Act, in 1971, created more three-day weekends throughout the country, and  Washington's Birthday became "Presidents Day."  Although officially, the holiday is still legally "Washington's Birthday" and even though it is a fderal holiday, it isn't observed in every state.   And some states observe it, but on a different date!

Regardless, if you are off work on Monday (or even if you aren't), we hope you take a minute to appreciate the date and to enjoy it, however you wish!