What is Maryland Day All About?

March 25, 2020

Join Today’s 101.9 in Celebrating Maryland Day!

Maryland became the seventh state in the Union on April 28, 1788, but  Maryland Day,  a holiday that celebrates the history and heritage of our great state, is celebrated each year on March 25.   On that fateful day in 1634, the first European settlers landed on St. Clement’s Island in the Province of Maryland.

As the State of Maryland prioritizes the health of its residents, we must think differently about how to celebrate Maryland Day. Museums are closed and events are cancelled, but you can still enjoy the annual holiday while practicing social distancing! Below are some tips to celebrate 2020’s Maryland Day from your home:


Learn the History

Did you know how the state of Maryland got its name? When colonists arrived in the 17th century, they stepped onto land that King Charles I of England chartered to Lord Baltimore. The city of Baltimore was named after the Lord, and he chose to name the state land after the King's wife, Henrietta Maria, or Mary.

To celebrate the arrival of these colonists, Maryland Day was established as an official state holiday in 1916.


Recognize Maryland’s Achievements

Did you know that Maryland was the first state to accomplish many feats? Learn the State’s firsts below:

In 1696, the first U.S. school opened in Maryland! It was named King Williams. Maryland is also the home of the first Dental school!

In 1830, the first railroad station was built in Maryland! It was known as the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, and commonly known as the B&O.

In 1902, the first workmen compensation laws were enacted in Maryland!


Recognize State Symbols

Did you know that Maryland has an official State Dinosaur - the “Astrodon Johnstoni.” Read along to find out what our other official Maryland state symbols are:

State Capital: Annapolis

State Nickname: The Old Line State

State Bird: Baltimore Oriole

State Fish: Rockfish

State Boat: Skipjack

State Flower: Black-Eyed Susan


Celebrate With Your Household

Did you know that many Maryland residents celebrate this special holiday with their families and friends each year?

You can listen to the Official State song, Maryland, My Maryland: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTfL6TiA7fw

You can bake the Official State Dessert, Smith Island Cake: https://sallysbakingaddiction.com/smith-island-cake/

You can share the rich history of our state with your loved ones!

Finally, you can listen to Today’s 101.9 to hear more about Maryland Day on March 25th!