Hate Stink Bugs? Good News!

I never thought I would say anything good about the words "polar vortex." However, there is some good news and it's brought to you by the polar vortex. Like most everyone, I hate those things. They seem to be everywhere in the spring and of course when you touch them they live up tp their names...
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Did You Experience A "Frost Quake."

So, last night I was jolted awake by what sounded like someone hitting the side of my house with a baseball bat. A loud crack out of nowhere and the house shook a little. I figured it was a branch or something and then my wife stepped out on the deck and when she did, it made a pop so loud we...
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Be Kind To Your Pets With The Polar Vortex

Here it comes! Our old friend the Polar Vortex! With below-zero temperatures and wind chills around Maryland, it's important that we not just keep ourselves warm, but our pets too. Animal experts tell us that pets need to stay indoors and should only go outside for the minimum time necessary to...
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