Marriage Rates Are Going Down Because of Broke Men: Study

Women looking for suitable male partners are having more problems than just a bunch of swipes left. Turns out, there aren’t enough rich men to go around. According to a study in the Journal of Family and Marriage , the lowering of marriage rates in the US is due to a lack of “economically...
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Blowing Up Your Weddng Dress Is a Thing Now

I once saw a car full of women with a sign that said "JUST DIVORCED!" They were dragging tin cans and streamers, like you would see after a wedding. It was quite the divorce celebration, but this woman has that beat!! She blew up her wedding dress! The YOUTUBE video is classic! BOOM!! The explosion...
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How Millennials Are Ruining Divorce

It turns out waiting is a good thing
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The Key to a Happy Marriage May Be Your Height

A new study is saying something as simple as you and your spouse's height may play a large part in if your marriage will be a happy one.
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