Stop Being So Polite. You're Causing Traffic

Is being a nice driver and letting people to you cut in early ahead of you a good idea? It may seem like it but , it turns out you're actually contributing to the traffic problem. According to experts, in order to keep the flow of cars moving smoothly, people must use the "Zipper Merge," which is...
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Driving Pet Peeves

So, I am number two in a line of cars at Falls Road and Old Pimlico. The light turned green, but the car in front of me did not move. I can see the driver's head is not paying attention to the light. He's texting and doesn't notice it's time to go until I gave him a friendly beep. That guy and...
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Greg studies your busy life and knows why you need a Disney Cruise.

There are so many reasons to take a Disney cruise. Let’s think about all the reasons. --Work is crazy. --You’re “up to your eyeballs” with soccer, lacrosse, and travel sports. --You have to help/do your kid’s homework every day. --Your spouse. --Work is crazy. --The yard looks like the Amazon...
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