Couple Finds 10-Foot Python Inside Their Christmas Tree

An uninvited guest always has the potential to upend your holiday plans, especially if it’s a giant python! Leanne Chapman and her partner weren’t expecting company when they returned to their house in Australia and found a group of birds making a loud fuss on the porch. O Christmas tree, o...
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Is Your Christmas Tree Going To Cost More This Year

I saw my first Christmas tree stand pop up in Bel Air. Are you ready to buy a tree? Get ready because it might cost a little more this year. The tree market is a little tight a because of hot weather, heavy rains, and the 2008 recession. Dry summers in 2017 and 2018 hurt tree supplies in Oregon and...
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The Formula For The Best Tree Lights

Not quite the Grizwalds and not quite the Charlie Brown tree. Somewhere in between is the perfectly decorated Xmas tree, right? Well, it turns out there is a formula for getting your tree lights Insta -worthy.. If your tree is on the small side like around three-feet, you should have a maximum of...
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