Aldi Is Selling Cheese Filled Ornaments

If you love cheese we have good news from Aldi! This holiday you can celebrate with cheese-filled ornaments. Aldi selling ornaments with mini blocks of cheese inside. There are a couple of designs and inside, you get two types which include mild cheddar cheese and aged cheddar. They will stay fresh...
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Wost Xmas Gifts

Are These The Worst Christmas Gifts Ever

Shopping for Xmas is tough, especially if whom you're buying for has not given you any good ideas. But it turns out, some people have no idea and just grab anything at the checkout. A list was put together of the worst Christmas presents given and there are some truly bad gifts. According to...
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Is Your Christmas Tree Going To Cost More This Year

I saw my first Christmas tree stand pop up in Bel Air. Are you ready to buy a tree? Get ready because it might cost a little more this year. The tree market is a little tight a because of hot weather, heavy rains, and the 2008 recession. Dry summers in 2017 and 2018 hurt tree supplies in Oregon and...
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Sharon Osbourne Blasts John Legend’s Sanitized #MeToo Version of ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’

So there is a new, politically correct version of Baby Its Cold Outside and Sharon Osbourne is not having anyof it. I am talking about John Legend and Kelly Clarkson’s remix of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” where Legend changed the lyrics to fit the #MeToo era. Lyrics like this "What will my friends...
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This Christmas Go Grizwald's Big!

So this year you can go over the top for Christmas! This holiday season, The Grizwalds can cover your lawn. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation inflatable decorations will be available at Home Depot locations. There are other holiday inflatables to choose from that include Star Wars and Frozen 2...
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Who Is Thinking About Christmas Already

Even in May Baltimores Christmas Station is always thinking about the holiday and so is Hallmark! Hallmark thought it would be a good time to give us a sneak peek into their Countdown to Christmas movies. We previously found out that Hallmark is preparing 40 movies for the season. That's a record...
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Survey Reveals America’s Favorite Christmas Song To Sing In The Car

When I am in my car and either Bruce Springsteen's Santa Claus Is Coming To Town or Joy To The World by Aretha comes on Baltimores Christmas music station, I reach over crank the volume to a 10! I love singing along and playing dashboard drums with that one. What is your favorite Christmas song to...
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Track Your Favorite Christmas Album

Track your favorite holiday albums! How is your favorite Christmas album doing across the country? Billboard has charts for every style of music – even holiday music! And it’s not just the new albums, either. Whether it’s A Charlie Brown Christmas or Gwen Stefani’s new holiday album, you can see...
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Break Out The Aqua-Net. Christmas Tree Hair Is Here!

So here is a trend you may not have heard about. Christmas Tree Hair and it’s just what it sounds like. Just picture hair teased up high, decorated with ornaments and sometimes festive, Christmas lights. Actually this is the perfect holiday hairdo for Baltimore. Just think decorated Baltimore (Hon...
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Mike Love Of The Beach Boys Checks In

We grew up with them and they have a few of our favorite Christmas songs. The Beach Boys! Little Saint Nick is one of my all-time favorites and it was my pleasure to speak with the great Mike Love! MIKE LOVE.mp3 He called from the car on the way to Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday. I bet a Beach...
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